Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Activities: The Beach

I think it is safe to say our numero uno favorite summer activity is going to the beach. It ranks high among winter activities too. I love the beach. L. loves the beach. J. loves the beach. Our dog loves the beach. Everything is better as soon as I get to the beach. Especially since we're finally near a beach with warm water. It's revolutionized my beach-going ways.
Wading, swimming, chasing the waves, building sand castles, collecting empty shells and rocks in buckets (and dumping them out before coming home!), searching for sand dollars, counting jumping fish and flying pelicans, finding shells that look like butterflies, pouring sand and water on mom...the possibilities for beach activities are endless and they never get old.
I know not everyone has a beach nearby (I haven't always lived super close to one myself and definitely not one warm enough to prompt swimming) but I think I could safely replace beach with a river or lake if I were not close to the beach. It wouldn't be quite the same, but since there is still water and sand (or mud or clay) involved, you can still get your toes dirty.
Will you have a chance to dig your toes in the sand anytime soon?

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  1. Great older post. Thanks for linking up to it today so I could read it. Funny I should read this today because we visited our local reservoir to dip our toes in the water and play in the sand. I've never lived near a reservoir before; it's basically like a pond except it's made by damming a river. It grows lovely lily pads in the summer. You've made me want to write about it on the blog!



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