Thursday, July 26, 2012

Relative Productivity (and some other stuff)

So, remember that time Justine and I posted a call for submissions for the July Simplicity Parenting carnival? We decided it would be best to postpone it until August. We're taking July off in the best interest of our sanity and that of our loved ones. Yes, we realize how hilarious it is that we're postponing writing about productivity. It makes me laugh a little to think about it. When you quit laughing you can check out the new carnival schedule here

And even though I haven't been writing much this month, I have been productive. At least some of the time. I promise.

I'm growing a baby. That has to count for something. I'm being productive even when I'm sitting at my computer searching through the cloth diaper exchange on Facebook. Here's what my belly looked like last Monday at 21 weeks and 1 day.  
And I was even more productive before I got the computer back since I couldn't spend L's naptime trying to decide which diapers to use for baby E. When I wasn't on the computer we took a weekend trip to Austin, I spent over a week recovering from a nasty cold and cough while trying to keep a toddler busy, and I started doing a serious decluttering/cleaning/reorganization of the house. And I cooked, cleaned, and hosted a birthday party for my hubby. Not to mention all the usual day to day stuff. And I had a root canal and crown. Fun times for sure.  

Notice that I mentioned baby E? We had an ultrasound about a week and half ago...and it looks like we're having another girl! I'm super excited. Just like when I was pregnant with L. I'd had dreams that the baby was a boy and I'd had dreams that we were having a girl. Just like L. she had her legs crossed very firmly during the ultrasound. The tech guessed it was a girl but didn't really want to give us a definitive answer. After not knowing with L's gender I really wanted to know. I loved that it was a surprise last time but I wanted to be able to plan a little more this time around. I told the tech I would go to the restroom and do some jumping jacks and she could look again. She did and erased the question marks.

We ended up having a second ultrasound a few days later because, even though the first ultrasound showed a healthy baby and mama, it also showed that I have placenta previa. Simply put, the placenta is growing over my cervix. At first glance this seemed like a huge issue with risk of early bleeding, possible bed rest, and a huge chance of needing a cesarean birth. I was fairly freaked out and preoccupied after first hearing the news. Our midwife told me to play it safe and take it easy for a few days until she could set up a consult with a high risk OB she trusts. We saw him a few days later and he put us at ease. At this point he's not worried. It's still really, really early and we have 20 weeks for my uterus to expand and the placenta to move. It's covering my cervix but just barely and it won't stay in the same place as I grow. He said no need to change our birth plans at this point. We just have to keep an eye on it and see how far from my cervix it moves by the time the baby comes. In the meantime I'm trying to enjoy the pregnancy and not worry. The fact that the high risk OB was so unconcerned really helped me relax. I'm talking to my belly every day and encouraging my placenta to move high up in my uterus. My placenta accepts all positive thoughts on it's behalf...

But I was writing about productivity. Even while I was freaking out after the ultrasound I was being productive. I did extensive research about placenta previa and emailed with everyone I know who was ever told they had a low lying placenta. I also started the above mentioned purging/cleaning mentioned above. Since we know we were having a girl (it was confirmed in the second ultrasound) my mother-in-law helped me sort through the boxes of L's clothes that I saved and we now have a general plan for where all the baby items are going to be.

For the overall purging/cleaning/reorganization, I going room by room starting with the easiest rooms. So far I've sorted, cleaned, and organized the laundry room and the dining room (including the craft supply cupboard) and I even scrubbed the black ring out of our washing machine.

I know you wanted to know that we had a black ring in our washing machine. Right at the water line. I'm not sure where it came from.

But I'm starting to ramble. This post is now filled with lots of information you may or may not have cared to know. The main points? We're postponing the July carnival to August and I've been busy.

I'm sure you have too. Now I'm off to do some dishes and possibly make some blueberry jam. We'll see how long L naps. Just joking. She's awake...

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  1. You sure sounded productive. In this heat, I don't want to do anything, and I am not pregnant. Love seeing your progress. Sounds like you have a great team working with you. Take care...Have a good weekend.



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