Thursday, January 31, 2013

On Being Present in My Life

So lately I've been feeling like I waste a lot of time online. Like, a LOT of time. I'll sit down to nurse one of the girls (or both) and start reading emails or looking at Facebook or researching random things like gluten free shampoo online or sifting through Netflix for something worth watching. Before I know it way too much time has passe.
The girls finished nursing long ago (L will have run off to find something more interesting and E is usually asleep) and I'm still staring at the screen.* Maybe it's because I'm a little tired these days or maybe it's just easy to get lost in cyberspace. It doesn't really matter. Something needs to change.

I need to be more present in my life. 

I hate that I automatically sit down and check my email when I walk past the computer--even if that's not what I intended to do when I went in the bedroom. I have a stack of books I could be reading while I nurse the girls. I could be writing in my journal. I could be drafting all the blog posts I compose in my head on paper (paper is so much simpler than a computer--I can hold baby, nurse, and write all at the same time). I could be making lists of all the things I should do while I'm not nursing my children. Or I could be connecting with my girls, playing games, enjoying their smiles and tummy time.

I worry about how much time L spends watching TV (by that I mean, Netflix or DVDs) but I'm the one setting the example. If she sees me on the computer all the time she wants to watch TV more frequently. We watched a LOT of movies while we were sick earlier this month and I can assure you, it's habit forming. We're not sick anymore and we need a new routine. That new routine is going to include an earlier bedtime for me. It's really easy to stay up late watching bad television shows online. 

Starting tomorrow we're going to take a week off--no Facebook, Pinterest, or Netflix. No Dora, Elmo, or Angelina Ballerina. If I need a break L can go play outside or in her room. I've got a list of ideas and projects lined up for her. I can read a book (or two or three) while the girls are nursing. I can go to bed early after just one episode of Duck Dynasty. I don't know if I can get the hubby to give it up completely.**

It will be an almost screen free week (last time we tried a screen free week it failed miserably). There will be few exceptions of course, like the one mentioned above. I'm going to post a picture on the blog every day of an activity we're doing instead of watching TV or surfing the net. (Yes, with the exception of previously written and scheduled posts, all you're going to see this next week is photographs). I'm going to give myself ten minutes every evening to respond to emails and do necessary schedule coordinating. I'd also like ten minutes a day to update our family blog. However, no blog posting or email checking (no matter how quickly it's done) is allowed while the girls are awake.

I'm going to have to use real cookbooks for recipes.

And that's it. I'm going to take a break. I'm going to create a new routine and be more present in my life.

How do you manage your time online?

*Okay, it's not quite that bad. It just feels like I spend too much time online. It's not really hours. I'm not a total zombie. My kids aren't left unsupervised. There's need to call the authorities. I promise.
**I realize I make it sound like my husband is the only one who enjoys that show but in all fairness I have to admit it grows on you. It's pretty hilarious at times. And I can hardly talk since I've already admitted I periodically watch Toddlers and Tiaras.  

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  1. I know what you mean! I check email randomly throughout the day, but most of my computer time is at night, and even that is too much. I usually watch some TV at night, since most of my shows, aside from those on HGTV, are not really Kaia-appropriate. I feel guilty for letting her watch shows during the day, so I can get the dishes done or make phone calls, even though it's educational PBS programming, like Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I keep intending to set a limit, but then I lose track of how much she's watched and feel like a bad mom. I think it's all about moderation. I'd like to make a point of spending some quality time with her each day, so I won't feel bad when I plug her into the TV for an hour so I can get something done.

  2. Guilty..... maybe I need a new routine too. Hmm..

  3. I featured this on this week's Seasonal Celebration. Thank you once again for sharing your great posts with us! Rebecca @ Natural Mothers Network x

  4. Good for you for realizing that you need a break from the screen time! It really is easy to get lost in it and to develop a habit of checking email and blog stats or whatever it is. However, I find when I finally do step away I AM SO MUCH MORE FULFILLED!
    Enjoy your time away!



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